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Available in our shop once again…

Thought you missed out on them? Well surprise surprise, they’re back! Stinky the Zombie – our original Zombeez Travel Companion needle felted doll pin – and our zombie angel Christmas tree topper are now available once again in our store as made to order products! Please keep in mind, our zombie angel tree topper takes […]

A New Zombie In Progress, & A Question For Felters

    I’m finally working on a new zombie for Zombeez Travel Companions!  This fellow is rather portly…but he has a good excuse as you’ll find out soon. I’ve realized of late I much prefer working on details than large rather undefined things like legs, and as a result I tend to save the head […]

Awesome Treasury of Curious Things

Zombina was recently featured on a treasury put together by Jenuine over at the Pretty Awful team on Etsy.  It’s full of wonderfully dark and curious items from members of Pretty Awful.  Go check it out!   https://www.etsy.com/treasury/MjQ5MzQ0NDl8MjcyMTQ1OTAyNQ/pretty-awful-10

Zombina the Zombie Pinup Girl

  This buxom babe has always been drawn to the spicier side of life. That’s how she ended up as a pin up girl- coincidentally, that’s also how she ended up as a zombie. But no matter, her undying lust for brains has given meaning to her life. Gone are the days of being locked […]

Meet Cid, the Punk Zombie

This is Cid, the Punk Zombie. Everything you’re probably thinking about him right now is correct. Yes, he likes tattoos. Yes, he likes guns. Yes, he likes loud music, cars, women, and booze. And you know what he hates? Yep. Rules. You know what? Cid doesn’t even eat brains. Screw brains! Ain’t nobody gonna tell […]