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Introducing…An Adorable Pink Elephant Brooch!

¬†This darling pink elephant brooch carries a heart-shaped flower in her trunk as she waits for just the right someone to come along.¬† She is made out of wool with bead eyes and a bar pin back, so you can take her anywhere with you (much to her delight)! I’ve been wanting to make a […]

Felted Alien Head Earrings – Accessories For The Conspiracy Theorist

Are you a devout Coast to Coast AM listener? A recent abductee? New age crystal indigo psychic who has regular chats with Pleiadians? Or maybe you’re just a plain old alien in disguise trying to evade the Men in Black after breaking out of the underground base at Dulce. Whatever the case, I have the […]

Severed Zombie Head Earrings Now In The Shop!

  I’m sure, like most people, you would love to be able to walk around with a severed zombie head hanging around your neck. Unfortunately, that’s not always practical. I present you with a solution! Fake zombie heads hanging from your ears! Needle felted by yours truly out of 100% wool batting, these funky little […]