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Zombina the Zombie Pinup Girl

  This buxom babe has always been drawn to the spicier side of life. That’s how she ended up as a pin up girl- coincidentally, that’s also how she ended up as a zombie. But no matter, her undying lust for brains has given meaning to her life. Gone are the days of being locked […]

Zombie Angel Tree Topper Now Available!

  After weeks of work, I am proud to offer my needle felted one-winged zombie angel tree topper in my Etsy store in time for Christmas! https://www.etsy.com/listing/115905545/zombie-angel-christmas-tree-topper

Geek Gift Ideas Etsy Treasury

I made a new Etsy treasury for all my fellow geeks out there…or perhaps more accurately for the people who have to figure out what to buy them this holiday season.    I give you… Geekery FTW. http://www.etsy.com/treasury/MTAzNDg5NzB8MjcyMTA0ODIxMQ/geekery-ftw

Newest Items: Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing & Kitty Hair Pins

Meet Chadwick, the sheep in wolf’s clothing. When he was a little ewe, Chadwick’s herd was terrorized by an invader. It took a while for all the sheep to catch on to the newcomer. He looked like a sheep, smelled like a sheep, but something just wasn’t right. They all tried to avoid him…but one […]

Got Into My First BNS Treasury!

I was able to sign up for my very first BNS treasury on Etsy thanks to an Etsy team I joined called We Have Your Back.  Of course they chose to feature my black cat pin, it cracks me up that one of my most simplest pieces is the most popular in my shop.  If […]