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Working On A New Zombie!

About halfway done with the body of my latest zombie.  She’s turning out smaller than I originally intended, but I like her.  Can’t wait to get her finished, I’ve been trying to get around to making her since before Christmas!  The black cat pins I make have taken on a life of their own and […]

Custom Order – Zombie Panda

  This little dear started out as just a panda with a septum ring.  I sent the picture to my customer and he said “It’s really cute!  Can you make it a zombie?”  XD  So here we have zombie panda with a septum ring!  I’m proud of it.  It wasn’t intentional but he totally ended […]

Panda Progress

Working on my custom panda order.  I should hopefully have this done by the weekend. I actually haven’t been able to do much felting lately as I’ve been really busy getting ready for a showing of my fine art photography at Lake County Wine Studio in Upper Lake, California.  I’ll be having opening receptions on […]

Poll for Needle Felters: Star or Triangle Needles?

I realized today that I find myself gravitating more towards my star needles than my triangle.  I just feel as though they glide through the wool much more smoothly- my triangles feel like they take a lot of force to push through, even when they’re the same gauge.  So I’m curious, do you prefer one […]

Got Into My First BNS Treasury!

I was able to sign up for my very first BNS treasury on Etsy thanks to an Etsy team I joined called We Have Your Back.  Of course they chose to feature my black cat pin, it cracks me up that one of my most simplest pieces is the most popular in my shop.  If […]

Bear Progress

The beginnings of my bear from the string joint kit!  I love beaded eyes, it makes their expression so cute.  My husband decided not to do this kit so I’m making it myself, but I’m actually kind of glad because I’m learning a few new techniques, and I get a chance to try out the […]

Anshel is Finished- For Now

So Anshel is pretty much finished, finally.  I do have to say he has TOO MUCH HAIR.  I used curly mohair locks in Red Hot from Living Felt, and that is so far my least favorite part of needle felting- attaching the hair.  It takes forever just to clean out the bits of debris without […]