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My Husband’s First Work

Well my husband, Anthony, finally picked up a felting needle!  He’s made a few things recently, but here’s what he just finished and listed in our Etsy store:   Meet Vignar, the Battle Bovine! Back from a recent battle against the roving hordes of Wildland Alpaca, Vignar The Battle Bovine is ready to settle down […]

Anshel is Finished- For Now

So Anshel is pretty much finished, finally.  I do have to say he has TOO MUCH HAIR.  I used curly mohair locks in Red Hot from Living Felt, and that is so far my least favorite part of needle felting- attaching the hair.  It takes forever just to clean out the bits of debris without […]

Saturday Night Completely Unrelated

http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2012/10/121017-alpha-centauri-new-planet-science-space-udry/   A planet has actually been found in the star system nearest us, Alpha Centauri, with a possibility that there are more in the system.  And a couple weeks ago they found evidence of an ancient streambed on Mars with the Curiosity rover.  Mind blown.

Work in Progress – Anshel the Alien

I call him Anshel.  He’s an alien!  Har har.  Obviously he’s got a very long way to go.  He’s bald, and missing half his torso and all his limbs.  I’ve been slowly working on him between zombies and other things.  One of the things I love about felting is that you don’t have to worry […]