Seller Spotlight: Wraps by Rene

Wraps by Rene is a fellow Pretty Awful team member and a wonderfully talented jeweler and sculptor.  Her work is whimsical, unique, adorable, often personalized, and appeals to a wide variety of interests.  On top of that, she has some really cool products like retractable name badge clips!  How many of those do you see on your travels round Etsy?  If I had a job where I needed a retractable name badge clip, I sure would want a spiffy one-of-a-kind handmade one!  Her shop is filled with personalized items, steampunk accessories, and even decorative (but useful!) items for the home.  She sculpts with polymer clay and incorporates watch gears and other media into her work.

I usually save my favorite for last, but for a change of pace we’ll start with it:  An absolutely adorable steampunk elephant pendant and earring set, complete with monocle.  I wants!



Wonderfully creative salt & pepper shakers for the steampunk home:


Retractable name badge clips:



And a variety of other handmade  jewelry:




She has many more personalized and career-specific accessories in her shop to brighten your workday, so take a look!  You can find her on Etsy at

As always, don’t forget to give her social media some love!



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