Seller Spotlight – Magic Mushroom Patch

Welcome to the latest installment of our Seller Spotlight, where we feature the work of talented new artists and artisans.  There’s something for everybody!  Jewelry, traditional art, home decor & more.

Have you ever heard of drawing on plates with sharpie and then baking the ink into the ceramic?  Neither had I.  Then I ran across Mariya Sydorenko of the Magic Mushroom Patch, and her beautiful sharpie art plates.  I’ve heard of drawing in sharpie before, my husband does it, ToniTiger415 (our first seller spotlight) does it, but it never occurred to me to draw on things other than paper, and moreover, that you can bake it on for lasting pieces of useable art.

Not only does Mariya use this interesting method of decoration, she also is a talented artist and depicts beautiful scenes on her plates & mugs.


magic mushroom patch hand drawn art plate

Remember that 1970’s Sears Roebuck mushroom kitchen set?  It had placemats, a butter dish, utensil holder, cozies…my Mother had it, I always loved that set.  That’s what Mariya’s art reminds me of.  It’s so cute!

magic mushroom patch hand drawn mushroom plates

magic mushroom patch hand drawn vintage flower mug

magic mushroom patch artist made whimsical mushroom mug

If mushrooms aren’t your thing, her shop also features custom text plates, homemade jam, and knitted dishcloths!

You can find her shop on Etsy at

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