Seller Spotlight: Clara Lieu Fine Art

Oy vey.  I’m really late with this one.  I’m sorry, really I am.  I was running a little bit late with it to begin with last week, and then I lost my internet for three days. (Coincidentally, right after I posted that creepy Area 51 employee Coast to Coast clip.  Hmmm…)  To make up for it, there will be two Spotlights this week!  So without further ado, on with the show!

Clara Lieu is a traditional fine artist creating mesmerizing and haunting ink drawings, sculptures, and intaglio prints.  As she states in her biography, her art is a study of mental illness and social isolation.

Her work brings feelings of pain and loneliness to the viewer not only through her dark, moody, dream-like subject matter, but also through her technique.  Each stroke feels like a lashing, each smudge a cloud over your vision like a nightmare where you can’t see the monster that is chasing you.

Her story of her own struggle with depression adds another dimension to her figures.  They are not just an outsider’s view, or a study for curiosity; they are the representation of personal pain.







Clara’s work can be purchased at her Etsy store,

If you like what you see, you can follow her on:






And her WordPress blog:  (It is really an amazing read if you’re interested in the arts.  Clara is an Art Professor as well as a fine artist, and even runs an advice column for artists.)

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