r/needlefelting and an Evernote Shoutout

Believe it or not I only comparatively recently got into Reddit.  Of course I am a big fan now.  Being an enthusiast of all things macabre, paranormal, weird, mysterious, conspiratorial, and generally esoteric, I’m sure you can imagine just how my front page looks.  Recently though I stumbled across a much more down to earth subreddit- r/needlefelting!  Well, what do you know.  It’s not exactly the most active subreddit (and there’s also an r/wetfelting for those interested, which is even less populated), but it’s always nice to find people with similar interests.  And hey, if we all spread the word maybe we can generate more interest!  So if ever you find yourself bored on the internet, mozy on over and take a peek.


On a slightly different note (no pun intended, honestly), I would like to take a moment to promote the wonderful product that is Evernote.  I’m a little scatterbrained.  Well, actually, I am extraordinarily scatterbrained, to the point where a dictionary definition could just be a picture of me.  It’s to the point where I forget things (typically the most important of things, of course) within five seconds of thinking about them.  As a result I have become quite fond of making lists.  Actually, it’s to the point where I have a bit of a list-making problem.  I love lists.  I make so many lists to keep from forgetting things that I forget what I’ve made lists of.  So I start making lists of my lists so that I can remember all of my lists.  Yeah.  Anyway, I make all of these lists in Evernote.  In Evernote I can set reminders on my lists!  I can sync my lists across all devices!  It’s a cloud server so I’ll never lose my lists if I lose my phone or crash my computer!  I can access my notes through the browser on friend’s computers!  Despite my ravings I only use a fraction of Evernote’s capabilities, but every day I find other uses.  Instant saves, unlike notebooks and office suites, where the computer crashes at the most inopportune moment and your work is gone.  I do all of my writing for my school papers in Evernote.  I can share notes and notebooks with like-minded individuals over the web.  Clip webpages for later reading, clip inspirational pictures if you’re into that sort of thing, even clip whole PDFs for your cloud-synced viewing pleasure!  Tag everything, even photos, for easy searching.  Organize your notebooks in stacks.  You’re starting to get the picture.  Now you’re thinking how you should try it, and you’re right.  You should.  Check it out.  Evernote.

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