Newest Items: Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing & Kitty Hair Pins

Meet Chadwick, the sheep in wolf’s clothing.

When he was a little ewe, Chadwick’s herd was terrorized by an invader. It took a while for all the sheep to catch on to the newcomer. He looked like a sheep, smelled like a sheep, but something just wasn’t right. They all tried to avoid him…but one day tragedy struck; the weirdo revealed himself for what he actually was: a wolf! Who would have guessed! He made off with Chadwick’s sickly cousin and was never heard from again. That day changed Chadwick. It filled him with a determination like no other. Someday, he knew, he would turn the tables. Someday, it would be the sheep’s turn. Well guess what, wolfies? Chadwick’s all grown up. It’s time to start looking over your shoulders. Baaa, wolves. Baaa.


He’s currently available in my Etsy shop.


Also, don’t miss our new black cat hair clips!  They make a perfect accessory for our black cat brooch!

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