Meet Philbert


Meet Philbert. Philbert is a plague doctor, and he has seen all manner of frightful pustules and boils in his lifetime. He’s used to seeing sickness affecting other people, but lately he’s noticed something is amiss with his own self. He’s noticing the birds sound happier, the grass seems greener, and the pustules seem less disgusting. Yes, Philbert is down with the sickness.

The LOVE sickness.

(Please note: previous line meant to be read in Barry White voice.)

With whom, you ask? Why, you of course! When he’s with you the very world stops spinning and nothing else matters. He would swim across the ocean, climb the highest mountain, cross the largest desert just to be with you. Look, he’s even brought you flowers!

Philbert is a miniature needle felted doll made by yours truly entirely out of wool batting. He stands a whopping 2 3/4″ tall and fits conveniently in the palm of your hand.

He is available in my shop for only $23.oo

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