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I’m a big fan of Etsy’s “Quit Your Day Job” series of articles.  I recall one from about a year ago on the shop Monster Cookies (awesome shop by the way), where the artist suggested sticking with 2 social media outlets so you don’t spread yourself too thin.  It will benefit you to be more involved and genuine with fewer platforms than to be spread out and phoned in across many.

I’ve always kept this advice in mind as I advance my empire.  I weigh my promotion decisions very carefully and am always hesitant to get involved in something new because I hate starting something I’m not going to stick with.  That said, not all social media works for everyone, and it helps to experiment to find what really works for you and your shop.

I am currently involved in such experimentation.  I had Wanelo suggested to me a year or so ago, and so I signed up and started promoting with the help of the Wanelo team on Etsy.  However, last week I came to the realization that I get very very little traffic from Wanelo (one visit last month, after actively promoting), and due to some recent happenings within the Wanelo group it finally dawned on me that most of what you see on Wanelo is big chain store items.  There’s two ways in which this affects me.  1) It is almost impossible for a small, one-person, handmade artisan home business to compete with a chain store in terms of trying to get my item seen on a site that is dominated by them and styles similar to them.  2) The kind of people who like the items produced by big chain stores are not really the type of people who are into weird handmade woolen things.  What to do?

Well, I’ll tell you what I’m doing.  I’m quitting Wanelo.  Instead, I’m going to try DeviantArt.  I used to be very active on DA when I first started out in photography school and still had the unjaded “the whole world is magical and I’m going to go out and shoot it” mindset, but I haven’t made much use of it in recent years.  Last year I uploaded some of my felting work to my old account, but I decided I should make my own account and leave my old one to the pictures that dominate it.  That and I like to keep my names consistent when possible. (Obviously, it’s not always possible…I share my Pinterest account with my photography and plan to continue that, I think, and @maniacalmenagerie didn’t fit on twitter so I’m @feltedzombies there.)  DeviantArt is a platform much more suited to the work I do, and is also a platform that I feel will provide a much more genuine way of being seen.

By now I’ve written a wall of text and feel as though I should just get to the point, so without further ado, I present my shiny new DeviantArt account!



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