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This little dear started out as just a panda with a septum ring.  I sent the picture to my customer and he said “It’s really cute!  Can you make it a zombie?”  XD  So here we have zombie panda with a septum ring!  I’m proud of it.  It wasn’t intentional but he totally ended up the with the Awesome Face.  As you can see Zombie Panda is jointed.  I followed Marie Spaulding’s advice and made them tighter than when I made my string joint kit, and it worked great, so now I need more waxed thread.

This is my last project using Peace Fleece black & white wool batt.  I ran out and am replacing it with merino cross wool batt.  Peace Fleece is great for starting out if you’re trying to build a studio of colors, since it’s so cheap.  But I find it a bit annoying to work with because of the inclusion of mohair- I find myself having to constantly pull and trim these long hairs sticking out of my work, and the more I work on it the fuzzier it gets.  So, I am going to go with the merino cross wool that came with my string joint bear kit from Living Felt.  It has a really smooth finish.  I will still continue to use certain Peace Fleece colors as I can’t find them anywhere else, such as Shaba Green and Moscow Magic Pink.  I am also very interested in trying Kay Petal’s Felt Alive wool batt, but I don’t need any of the colors she has available right now (I love ordering from her though, she always sends me extra stuff).

That’s all for now.  I need to get cracking on the four black cat pins ordered yesterday!

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