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Talented artists setting up shop on Etsy.

Seller Spotlight – Magic Mushroom Patch

Welcome to the latest installment of our Seller Spotlight, where we feature the work of talented new artists and artisans.  There’s something for everybody!  Jewelry, traditional art, home decor & more. Have you ever heard of drawing on plates with sharpie and then baking the ink into the ceramic?  Neither had I.  Then I ran […]

Seller Spotlight: Wraps by Rene

Wraps by Rene is a fellow Pretty Awful team member and a wonderfully talented jeweler and sculptor.  Her work is whimsical, unique, adorable, often personalized, and appeals to a wide variety of interests.  On top of that, she has some really cool products like retractable name badge clips!  How many of those do you see […]

Seller Spotlight: Clara Lieu Fine Art

Oy vey.  I’m really late with this one.  I’m sorry, really I am.  I was running a little bit late with it to begin with last week, and then I lost my internet for three days. (Coincidentally, right after I posted that creepy Area 51 employee Coast to Coast clip.  Hmmm…)  To make up for […]

This Week’s Seller Spotlight: Jenuine Serendipity

This week my seller spotlight features a very unique artist and captain of one of my favorite Etsy teams.  Jenuine Serendipity brings you a variety of unusual and macabre art, from her very own beautifully executed acrylic paintings to altered art, paper flowers, vintage items and pocket shrines, Jenuine Serendipity is a wonderfully eclectic shop […]

Seller Spotlight – Cast Shadows Studio

Unfortunately this Seller Spotlight is coming rather late in the week.  I haven’t settled just yet on a specific day that my Spotlight will be posted, and right now I’m very busy with finals.  This is my second to last semester- I will be graduating in December with my BFA in photography- so I have […]

Seller Spotlight – Creatures from El

This week’s seller spotlight is an artist that I have watched and admired from my first days of Etsy.  Creatures from El – Ellen Jewett Sculpture features hauntingly beautiful surreal fantasy sculptures that are highly detailed, very imaginative and original.  Her work is so stunning my words really can’t do it justice, so I will […]

New Feature! Seller Spotlight- ToniTiger415

I come across so many awesome shops in my travels through Etsy that I’ve been thinking for some time of adding a feature to this blog where I spotlight Etsy sellers I find to be truly interesting, unique, & talented.  I know my blog isn’t terribly popular yet but I’d like to think these sellers […]