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The Maniacal Menagerie’s own needle felted creations.

Experimenting With Social Media

I’m a big fan of Etsy’s “Quit Your Day Job” series of articles.  I recall one from about a year ago on the shop Monster Cookies (awesome shop by the way), where the artist suggested sticking with 2 social media outlets so you don’t spread yourself too thin.  It will benefit you to be more […]

Felted Alien Head Earrings – Accessories For The Conspiracy Theorist

Are you a devout Coast to Coast AM listener? A recent abductee? New age crystal indigo psychic who has regular chats with Pleiadians? Or maybe you’re just a plain old alien in disguise trying to evade the Men in Black after breaking out of the underground base at Dulce. Whatever the case, I have the […]

Severed Zombie Head Earrings Now In The Shop!

  I’m sure, like most people, you would love to be able to walk around with a severed zombie head hanging around your neck. Unfortunately, that’s not always practical. I present you with a solution! Fake zombie heads hanging from your ears! Needle felted by yours truly out of 100% wool batting, these funky little […]

New Item for Zelda Fans!

I’m finally starting to have time to make new creations again, and first in this upcoming lineup is my new needle felted Triforce pin!  Measuring 1.5 ” on each side and felted from yellow and black wool, it’s available in my shop for only $11 (+ shipping).  Pick one up for you or the Zelda […]

Bringing Back the Bookmark & A Pretty Awful Team Treasury

Thanks to a considerable amount of interest, I’ve decided to relist my squished zombie bookmark as another made-to-order item in my Etsy shop.  Now you can look even more geeky while you read!  (I mean that in the best way possible, I’m a bookworm myself.)   Additionally, I have the pleasure of being a […]

The Black Cat Pin is Back!

Hold the phone.  Check out what’s finally back in our shop- that’s right, our infamous black cat pin!  Pick one up today for the crazy cat lady in your life!

Zombie Heart Pendant Featured In A Treasury

Our new “A Zombie Stole My Heart” necklace has been featured in an awesome treasury entitled “Geek Chic Accessories” by Terrill Johnson of The N00blet.  Check it out:

Zombie Heart Pendant Finally Available!

  Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the perfect accessory for the connoisseur of quirky, the collector of odd, and the lover of all things bizarre. This charming pendant has been needle felted by yours truly out of red & green wool batting to represent a heart that has been bitten (and subsequently infected) […]