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Introducing…An Adorable Pink Elephant Brooch!

 This darling pink elephant brooch carries a heart-shaped flower in her trunk as she waits for just the right someone to come along.  She is made out of wool with bead eyes and a bar pin back, so you can take her anywhere with you (much to her delight)! I’ve been wanting to make a […]

Meet Philbert

Meet Philbert. Philbert is a plague doctor, and he has seen all manner of frightful pustules and boils in his lifetime. He’s used to seeing sickness affecting other people, but lately he’s noticed something is amiss with his own self. He’s noticing the birds sound happier, the grass seems greener, and the pustules seem less […]

Step right up and get your Uncle Sam cat pin!

A new variation on our infamous black cat pin is now available in our shop! Right on time for your 4th of July celebration, this little kitty sports Uncle Sam’s white beard and star spangled top hat.   Only $18.95 and free shipping!  Find it at

My Husband’s First Work

Well my husband, Anthony, finally picked up a felting needle!  He’s made a few things recently, but here’s what he just finished and listed in our Etsy store:   Meet Vignar, the Battle Bovine! Back from a recent battle against the roving hordes of Wildland Alpaca, Vignar The Battle Bovine is ready to settle down […]

Newest Items: Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing & Kitty Hair Pins

Meet Chadwick, the sheep in wolf’s clothing. When he was a little ewe, Chadwick’s herd was terrorized by an invader. It took a while for all the sheep to catch on to the newcomer. He looked like a sheep, smelled like a sheep, but something just wasn’t right. They all tried to avoid him…but one […]

Jointed Bear is Finished!

So, I finished the string joint bear kit, and she’s adorable if I do say so myself.    Her legs look a bit funky when she’s standing, but it’s all good.  I keep her sitting.  If anyone is interested in purchasing the kit I do recommend it, the instructions are very clear, you get more […]

Bear Progress

The beginnings of my bear from the string joint kit!  I love beaded eyes, it makes their expression so cute.  My husband decided not to do this kit so I’m making it myself, but I’m actually kind of glad because I’m learning a few new techniques, and I get a chance to try out the […]

Black Cat Pin Back in the Shop!

Our popular needle felted black cat Halloween brooch is back in the Etsy shop!  Pick one up now for showing your festive Halloween side, or your festive crazy cat lady side any time of year!  

Bruce the Birthday Party Banana Slug A customer at work today had on a t-shirt for some kind of sports team called the Banana Slugs.  I’m not entirely sure how my brain made the connection to birthday, but I came home knowing exactly what I wanted to felt.