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New Weekly Feature! The Maniacal 5 ~ This Week: 5 Creepy Etsy Treasuries

I’m starting up yet another weekly feature called the Maniacal 5, where I bring you 5 maniacally cool things from various corners of the internet.  Keeping with the theme of this blog, this will include awesome Etsy products, talented artists, creepy conspiracies, cool felted creations, creepy conspiracies about talented Etsy felt artists, and other miscellany […]

Beautiful Felt Couture

Living Felt recently shared this and I couldn’t resist passing it on.  Did you know there are people who make absolutely beautiful haute couture fashion from felt?  Well okay, maybe you did but I didn’t.  I’m amazed by these stunning designs, and I’m not normally one to be the least bit concerned with fashion.  (Seriously, […]

Seller Spotlight – Creatures from El

This week’s seller spotlight is an artist that I have watched and admired from my first days of Etsy.  Creatures from El – Ellen Jewett Sculpture features hauntingly beautiful surreal fantasy sculptures that are highly detailed, very imaginative and original.  Her work is so stunning my words really can’t do it justice, so I will […]

Geek Gift Ideas Etsy Treasury

I made a new Etsy treasury for all my fellow geeks out there…or perhaps more accurately for the people who have to figure out what to buy them this holiday season.    I give you… Geekery FTW.

My Bear is on!

Marie Spaulding of Living Felt actually included my bear in the image gallery for her string joint bear kit!  I am so flattered! Here is the link to the page, just click on “image gallery” under the main picture.