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Topics completely unrelated to the sorts of things typically found on this blog.

Area 51 Employees

As I am sure a lot of you have noticed, I am very interested in UFO conspiracies, unexplained events, and mysteries of all sorts.  I used to work overnight shifts and was allowed to listen to music, so I listened to Coast to Coast Am back episodes.  It wasn’t until today, however, that I discovered […]

r/needlefelting and an Evernote Shoutout

Believe it or not I only comparatively recently got into Reddit.  Of course I am a big fan now.  Being an enthusiast of all things macabre, paranormal, weird, mysterious, conspiratorial, and generally esoteric, I’m sure you can imagine just how my front page looks.  Recently though I stumbled across a much more down to earth […]

Saturday Night Completely Unrelated – Ethiopian Food

I have a good excuse this time for this post being late – I was in San Jose eating Ethiopian food!  For those who haven’t tried it, I highly recommend it.  Not only is it delicious but it’s a fun new experience.  It’s not your typical knife & fork dinner- your meal is served with […]

Saturday Night Completely Unrelated – On a Monday- Yeti Hairs

I seem to be batting a thousand when it comes to actually posting this on a Saturday.  I think choosing Saturday was a poor choice on my part since I almost always work Saturday.  If I keep this up I might consider changing my Completely Unrelated posts to another day. On with the post! I […]

Saturday Night Completely Unrelated – A Day Late

Sorry this is late, I actually completely forgot that it was Saturday yesterday. These are some amazing photos.  As a photographer I love doing macro photos of everyday objects.  It’s amazing looking at things from a different perspective.  This takes it even further.  It really makes you stop and and realize just how amazing the […]

Saturday Night Completely Unrelated   A planet has actually been found in the star system nearest us, Alpha Centauri, with a possibility that there are more in the system.  And a couple weeks ago they found evidence of an ancient streambed on Mars with the Curiosity rover.  Mind blown.