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Seller Spotlight: Clara Lieu Fine Art

Oy vey.  I’m really late with this one.  I’m sorry, really I am.  I was running a little bit late with it to begin with last week, and then I lost my internet for three days. (Coincidentally, right after I posted that creepy Area 51 employee Coast to Coast clip.  Hmmm…)  To make up for […]

Area 51 Employees

As I am sure a lot of you have noticed, I am very interested in UFO conspiracies, unexplained events, and mysteries of all sorts.  I used to work overnight shifts and was allowed to listen to music, so I listened to Coast to Coast Am back episodes.  It wasn’t until today, however, that I discovered […]

New Weekly Feature! The Maniacal 5 ~ This Week: 5 Creepy Etsy Treasuries

I’m starting up yet another weekly feature called the Maniacal 5, where I bring you 5 maniacally cool things from various corners of the internet.  Keeping with the theme of this blog, this will include awesome Etsy products, talented artists, creepy conspiracies, cool felted creations, creepy conspiracies about talented Etsy felt artists, and other miscellany […]

Step right up and get your Uncle Sam cat pin!

A new variation on our infamous black cat pin is now available in our shop! Right on time for your 4th of July celebration, this little kitty sports Uncle Sam’s white beard and star spangled top hat.   Only $18.95 and free shipping!  Find it at

Made A Treasury & Featured In A Treasury

I’ve set a goal to make one treasury based off of some random concept off the top of my head (as opposed to a treasury game) once a week.  Unfortunately I often choose rather abstract concepts that are difficult to find suitable work for.  This treasury is a good example of that.  I call it […]

Reintroducing…(drumroll) Angel Cat!

I’ve decided to once again offer my angel cat pin for sale as a made to order item in my shop.  She’s a wonderful memorial for a passed pet or a festive holiday accessory.  Since she’s made to order I am happy to customize her however you want, which makes her a thoughtful gift for […]

This Week’s Seller Spotlight: Jenuine Serendipity

This week my seller spotlight features a very unique artist and captain of one of my favorite Etsy teams.  Jenuine Serendipity brings you a variety of unusual and macabre art, from her very own beautifully executed acrylic paintings to altered art, paper flowers, vintage items and pocket shrines, Jenuine Serendipity is a wonderfully eclectic shop […]

A New Zombie In Progress, & A Question For Felters

    I’m finally working on a new zombie for Zombeez Travel Companions!  This fellow is rather portly…but he has a good excuse as you’ll find out soon. I’ve realized of late I much prefer working on details than large rather undefined things like legs, and as a result I tend to save the head […]